Why Does My Dog Jump on Visitors, and What Do I Do?

Dogs, especially young dogs, can become easily excited, and one of the things that excites them most is when visitors come to the house. It’s a chance to greet old friends, and ... Continue Reading →

Pug sliding in full slow-mo.

Pug puppy is having a blast in the park, until he saw the slide. When he saw the slide, he made a go at it. The funny thing is he slid in full slow-mo. Watch this cute pug and have ... Continue Reading →

Train your dog to roll over.

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Panda vs. Boston Terrier puppy.

An inanimate object catches the fancy of one playful Boston Terrier puppy. So, he approached it, and checked to see its reaction. Apparently, this object is a plastic trash can with ... Continue Reading →

Cute dog blabs like he is whining about something.

  If your dog whines, do not be alarmed. Whining is yet another form of communication for dogs. Whining can mean a lot of things for dogs, for some it can indicate a higher degree ... Continue Reading →

Meet the talking chihuahua.

  Chihuhuas are small, funny, lively, and highly personable dogs. They have eccentric character that’s innate only among their breed. They are always playful and attention-seeking ... Continue Reading →

Homeless dog transformation that will melt your heart.

  Luca is a homeless dog that often sojourns the outskirts of a city in Romania. For years, he had suffered the cruelty of people, badly abused, he’s often tied and dragged ... Continue Reading →

Puppy tries hard to walk in new shoes.

  First time pet owners are just ecstatic having pet dogs around, and so they will go lengths to buy just about anything that will make their pup look cute and adorable. But, the ... Continue Reading →

Enjoy hassle-free travel with your puppy.

  When traveling, it is inevitable for you and your pet puppy to have some anxious moments, but do not worry. We have here a short video training that will teach you how to train ... Continue Reading →

How to stop a noisy dog from barking.

  It’s a fact – dog’s bark. But, for some people barking can be an annoying and undesirable dog behavior. How can you prevent your dog from barking? With a little ... Continue Reading →

Puppy dances rhumba flamenca.

Rhumba is a passionate dance between a male and a female that is believed to be of Cuban origin. The music is played with a staccato beat in keeping with the vigorous expressive movements ... Continue Reading →

Dog training – teach your dog the ‘high five’ trick.

Teaching your dog some dog tricks is a fun activity for you and your dog. You can gauge your ability to teach your dog, and enhance the way your dog follows your instructions as well ... Continue Reading →