Miss Wendy wows judges & audience at the Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Ventriloquism is a classic comedy act, but it can be more fun and entertaining if you use a dog instead of a puppet. In the recent Britain’s Got Talent audition, both judges and ... Continue Reading →

Hero dog rescues puppy from drowning in the pool.

This video will show you the invisible bond between canines and how they’d go the extra mile to save each others back when the situation calls for it. This dog deserves the spotlight, ... Continue Reading →

Funny: Baby gets knocked down by playful terrier pup at the park.

This Norfolk Terrier puppy is so playful, he’d play for hours with anyone who’s ready to engage him. While at the park, he took a moment to play with this adorable baby, ... Continue Reading →

Poodle protects baby from blow dryer.

This toy poodle trusts his instinct and so when he sensed an impending ‘danger’ he covers up the baby to safety. The moment he hears the whirring sound from the blow dryer ... Continue Reading →

How to train your dog to do ‘freeze,’ or ‘stick ’em up’ trick?

The basic ‘freeze’ or ‘stick ’em up’ trick is one of the most common crowd pleasing trick. It is a slightly modified variation of the trick beg or sit ... Continue Reading →

Puppy helps baby turtle enjoy the trampoline.

Props to this puppy who is civilized and knows what exactly a trampoline is meant for! When he saw the baby turtle standing still on the trampoline doing nothing, he tries his best ... Continue Reading →

German shepherd with toilet manners.

This German Shepherd is exceptional, aside from its basic guarding skills and exceptional strength; he proves that he can be something else. This dog uses the john, pees in the toilet ... Continue Reading →

Puppy dances to ‘Oppa Gangnam Style.’

Psy is a true hit maker, and I sure am positive that the tune Oppa Gangnam Style will be with us for a long time. Until such time that a brand new ‘hit’ comes along and ... Continue Reading →

Clever & talented Shih Tzu dog shows off plenty of tricks.

This clever and talented Shih Tzu is a cut above the rest! Why? Simply because he can do a bunch of things – solve a shape puzzle, count kibbles, identify colors, and do more. Your ... Continue Reading →

How to feed a newborn puppy using a syringe?

In cases where a puppy is unable to nurse like if it’s too tiny or very weak, or where it is unable to compete with other sibling puppies during nursing time, it is best to resort ... Continue Reading →

Must-see: Amazing dog tricks from cute pup.

Pups are cute as a button, and they are more endearing when they can show you some amazing tricks. Watch how this cute puppy hands you a napkin when you sneeze, knock down a pyramid ... Continue Reading →
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Baby plays hide and seek with a giant dog.

Dogs can mean a couple of things to a lot of people. For some they are guard dogs, for others they are best pals, and sometimes they are someone whom we can associate fond memories ... Continue Reading →